Get listed in MSN

Any other directory that isn’t listed above i.e Zeal, JoeAnt, Go Guides, IndiaBook, Gimpsy, WebSavvy, MSN Looksmart and other web directories. There are lot of them and some do bring traffic to users.

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Get listed in MSN

Postby roxxy » Mon Aug 07, 2006 9:05 pm

MSN is one of the most popular and growing Search Engine. It may bring a large number of visitors to your site. Million of visitors use MSN to get to get their desired result. It is not hard to get listed in MSN. You have to submit your URL such as to MSN add URL page. It generally takes 4 weeks to get listed in MSN. At first MSN will crawl few pages of your site then will cover all of your pages gradually. To get listed more quickly and cover all pages you should follow some SEO technique.
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